Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines day

Well it's valentine's day and for the first time in my life everywhere I went in the last 24 hours I heard people wishing each other Happy Valentine's Day, how amazing is that?!

Yesterday was a very stressful day for me but being it on what would have been my Mom's 78th birthday kinda of made me feel that no matter what the out come of yesterday I'll be ok.  I met a lady yesterday and we chatted and shared as to why we were where we were, it's truly amazing how as women we really do know how to reach out and comfort each other even though at that moment we are the ones that need comfort.  We were both there for the same reason but I know as she does that what ever lies ahead we have made a friend that made a big difference in that very moment we felt alone.  Life is way to precious and there truly are more good people then bad and our media folks need to start sharing more of that and not giving so much of the "stage or lighting" to those messed up folks that want to jade everything black.

On to something more up lifting.  I'm completely hooked on the Divergent trilogy I can not tell you at this very moment how many times I've watch Divergent!  I've read the book and as soon as I finished I ran off to watch the movie... crazy you say, well may be and may be not DON'T JUDGE I'm sure you're nuts about something as well!!!  ;)  I'll start reading Insurgent soon.

Hubby and I went to watch Mordecai and OMG it was funny!!  I laughed so hard that I seriously was concerned I'd pee my pants in the theatre!!  If you like the silly Pink Panther movies I think you'll like this one as well it truly is a silly film.

What a beautiful day so instead of staying in front of the computer I will sign off to enjoy the rest of the day!!

Be kind to one another!!



katica said...

You know you are not matter what... Ever... ((((Hugs)))) being sent your way

I still need to read the books, but I love Divergent too and have watched it many times already as well! I just love Four

Barbi said...

Insurgent comes out in theaters March 20! Can't wait!