Wednesday, January 07, 2015

It's a New Year

Well Christmas is over and everyone is back at work, oh YEH!!

It's been a very busy but an enjoyable Christmas for us.  We don't do any "new years resolutions" that most people get wrapped up in every year but we did set a couple of goals that we both would like to achieve this year.  For me one is a Vision Board, I had one years ago when I was attending night school and it kept me focused or should I say "kept my eye on the prize" because I did reach my goals and finished when I wanted to and with the grade I was hoping for.  I think it worked because they were realistic goals and ones that I really knew I could reach them in a realistic time.  I think what's important is that you really focus on obtainable goals, goals that really define who you are, ones that come from the heart, because at the end of the day its the passion you put into your journey that will get you to the victory line with your goals.

I also want to do better with this blogging, this I've been struggling with for some time.  I even thought about deleting my account and start fresh with a new look and on a new platform well NOT so I'm staying put and going to TRY yes TRY and be a better blogger.  I think the idea is to plan and be organized, jot down some ideas during the days and decide when to blog and how often, just like making the commitment to go to the gym! BWWAAAHHHH!  Yes I am a funny person! :)

The other achievement I would like to do this year is read last year I didn't pick up a book not a one!! OK hold on to your big girl panties that doesn't mean I didn't read I became addicted yes addicted to magazines and OMG I spent a fortune on the cooking ones MAN WHAT A BUNCH OF GREAT IDEAS I LEARNED and it made me more confident in the kitchen which I really needed.  I'm not much of a cook that was my mom's forte but I know that she would be really proud of me if she had the chance to taste my stuff!  So note to those of you cook for you moms that day will come and she won't be there.  Just to clarify that doesn't mean I never was in the kitchen with her I was just not as a sue chief but as the gopher....  HEEE! HEEE!  So that's the plan read more books, and on the side you'll see that with Goodreads I've set a goal.  I passed that in 2013 so who knows maybe I'll pass it again this year.

The other thing is to cut back on Facebook it really steals a lot of your time, and I'll become more of a Pinterest addicted.  They say if your going drop one bad habit you should always replace it with a good habit.  Well I like Pinterest lots of amazing ideas out there.

Anyways I think this is it for now.  Thanks for stopping by and remember to be good to one another!  I love this quote from Ellen Degeneres!!

Peace Peeps!!



Barbi said...

I am a total Pinterest junkie!!! You are going to love it. I am going to try a new recipe from pinterest a week this year...and try some new and different crafts too.

katica said...

we are so alike! Love pintrest!! haven't tried anything from it yet... I'm just pinning!

Glad to see you blogging again!