Wednesday, January 14, 2015

and I'm off

I've never owned a microwave, and I very rarely use the ones in the workplace, so I've been on the quest to have nice warm lunches and not spend a fortune going out for hot meals.  Well here it is my solution it's my mini crockpot warmer and it's an amazing little product, I love it!!

I also started my soup quest for this year.  I'm hoping to make soup twice a week and boy I'm having a lot of fun with new recipes that I've never thought I would make!  YIPPEE!!

This is my asparagus and broccoli soup;

and this is my cream of potato and broccoli:

So besides the soup I made hummus so here is my roasted pepper and chickpea hummus....YUMMY!!

Thanks for stopping by and take care!!



Barbi said...

Oh my gosh! Look at you go! Very nice...and I love that mini crockpot!!!

katica said...

I haven't used my mini crockpot yet... hopefully soon!

Those soups look yummy!!!