Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catching up!!

Well it's been a while since I've posted...ok that just sounded like I'm in confession!  LOL!

I have been really debating whether to keep blogging or just scrap it.  Like most people I feel like I'm on the computer constantly and quite frankly I am not sure what to blog about.  They say you should have a focus and not be all over the place well that's difficult for me because I'm such a flutter bug!  I love reading a lot of blogs that I have come across over the best several months, thanks to bloglovin.  I've become sort of addicted to that along with Pinterest OMG that site is great with so much ideas! There are so many ideas to try or just admire that how can I just blog about one thing when so much catches my eyes.

I've done no stitching so I can't report anything on that and quiet frankly I haven't even read this year, can you believe that not ONE book in the last 10 months.... WHAT THE HELL IS UP WTH THAT! But I have read a lot of magazines, talk about information that is recycled every few years, but yes you can count on me for buying them keeping publishing houses in business.  LOL!

So by the way how do you like my blogs new look?  I'm starting to get a little creative (which is not easy) so if you have any know hows please share.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by.
Smile at someone today  :)


katica said...

Good to see you posting! Love your blog's new look!

Barbi said...

Love the new blog look! I am a pig Pinterest addict too!