Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The last time I posted a progress picture was Feb 29 which in all honesty the last time I stitched.  I seriously had lost my mojo then, I think mostly because I was getting ready to go to europe and plus I was stressed out from the stupid place I was working in.

NOW however I'm still lady of leisure but am looking for a little change in my career not much just kinda tweaking it, so hopefully there will be something good in the job frontier.  :D

I did happen to get my mojo back the end of June and I think that is mostly because we had such a flood her in Alberta that we stayed home we were under a state of emergency and All essential services were tax to the limits and we didn't want to add to that, so out came the needle and line by line my little Spring Queen is really starting to take shape!  YIPPEE!  In fact hubby asked when do I think I'll be done so I can start on Autumn Queen!  GULP!

So here she is:
I am learning a lot from this project, my stitches are getting nicer and more consistent and I see the difference between the stitches from when I started and where I am now, there is a difference.  But that is what it's all about as you practice you become better.  I just pray that GOD will let me keep my eye sight and figures in good shape to get all my projects done.  You see I have in my life who truly is an enabler!!  AND SHE IS PROUD TO BE OF SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

By the way if you are wondering what has happened to the picture YES it has been "chewed"!  My puppy really knows how to show me when he has had enough of me stitching and when the focus should be on him.  :D

sending all the best wishes to you all!



wilma b said...

Love the soft colors in this piece... so glad you got the stitching mojo back!

Had to laugh at the chewed corner... been there, had that happen!

Wilma, next province over to you...

Barbi said...

You are making great progress on Spring Queen. The colours are lovely! You really do have to hurry up and finish her because Autumn Queen is so wonderful to stitch...she was my favourite, I loved the colours on her.