Saturday, January 05, 2013

Happy New Year's Everyone!!

I have been contemplating about whether to continue with blogging.  Then I surf and see all the great blogs and once again I become inspired and motivated.

I didn't make any resolutions this year, in fact I have stopped doing that all together years ago.  It just seems that every time I do I end up forgetting what I was resolved to accomplish that year.  So instead I decide just not to take life so seriously...... it's working!!  LOL!

I'm not going to bore you any further and show some progress pictures that I'm so excited about;

Here is Queen Spring, she's coming along slowly but I'm really enjoying how she is coming to life for me with my own little fingers!


Next is Cherry Blossom,  I love the colours and it really helps doing this one with working on Queen Spring all that yellow and green really gets on my nerves at times!

On New Years Day hubby helped me organize my floss.  The ones on the rings are extras, seriously need to be more ogranized in this department.

 And of course my ORTs for 2012.  Boy I was not good at keeping this up date at all, sorry.  But I will sign up again and be a little better....I'll try any ways.

This was a Christmas gift from my very dearest friend Kati.  No words can ever relay how deeply touched and moved by this I was -am!  I just wish I could be just as thoughtful!

That's it.  Take time to enjoy those around you!  Pay a good deed forward!
Live, Love and Laugh!!!


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Barbi said...

You're making great progress on both of your projects! And your floss organization is great! I wish mine was as wonderful!