Monday, November 05, 2012

time for chatch up

Oh dear, so I didn't post yesterday like I promised.  I would have but I do have a good reason.....
It was dad's 84 and I made lunch for us, and it was yummy.  Also the clock went back one hour - I really hate that, so I was bagged by 7 which mean almost 8.  And who ever says we gain an hour of sleep has forgotten that we also gained an hour of WORK!!!!!!

So now to make up for the days I didn't post.

As I wrote a few months ago that I was taking this year and making it all about me.  This I had to do in order to get healthier, reduce the stress and explore the world of the kitchen.  It is working and I'm having so much fun.

This blog is going to be filled with pictures.

First off all about chocolates!  I attended a chocolate making class and oh boy did I learn a lot.....I love chocolate more today then yesterday.......YUMMMMY...take a look......

Next I was on a quest to learn the art of bread making and well OMG I had fun and yummy!!  This is the list:  Rye Sourdough, Olive Bread, Kalacs (Challah), French Bread,Ciabatta, Herb Foccacia and Fougasse, Four Grain Seed Bread Ciabatta and of course Sund dried Tomato.

Had enough?  Well not yet I have one more picture and that is my progress.  I haven't worked on the Spring Queen much because I had a visitor and he would not leave in fact the whole darn family moved in for a few days, can you guess?   We in the stitching world call him FROG, WHY you ask?  Because you end up Ripit (Ripping out) everything you have done because of a mistake!  URGH!  Anyways so I put the Queen away and started to work on a smaller one.  She is called Cherry Blossom and I'm really loving the progress of her growth in my hands.

Well I sure hope I made up for the day's I missed.

Have a great evening!  God bless and pay forward something positive!!!


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katica said...

Excellent progress on your stitching

And all the baking... What can I say but yumm!!!! Very happy and honored that we got tasters