Sunday, November 04, 2012

So I just learned.....

that in the month of November it is the month were bloggers blog every day...... I have missed already four days, no worries I have lots to share.  So today will be 4 posts LOL!  I will start off with this

My fabulous father is celebrating his 84 birthday YES 84 and today I'm going to spend a fabulous day with him!!!!!!!  I can hardly wait until he sees his gift.  Yes I had no idea what he wanted until one day he was over and saw my stitching lamp and magnifer.  Dad is a crazy bookworm, he has very good vision for his age but he did notice a difference with he tried my lamp out, so Daddy'O guess what you are getting.  PLUS I'm cooking us dinner, hubby is away working so that's why my dude isn't here but we'll make up for it next week!!!

Until next post............

be good, stay safe and pay goodness forward!!!


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katica said...

Have a great time celebrating with your dad! I know he will love his gift!