Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Progress update

It has been a while that I posted a progress on one of my projects.

For a while there I had the frog visiting for a few weeks.  No matter what I touched I had to rip it out, that was so frustrating that I actually put everything away so I couldn't see what I was working.  I seriously have the stitching mojo going and that frog was just challenging me to no end.  BUT he is gone along with all his little friends he brought along!  YIPEE!!

So here it is as of Sunday this is were I stand.  I have been able to stitch about 2-3 hours a day the last couple of weeks.  However Sunday Hubby had really put is foot down with me to sit and relax and let go of reality for a few hours so guess what I did...yes read and stitched!  Thanks Hubby!!

Sorry for the quality of the picture the next one will be better.   I really love this design.  It's on 32 count which I have never worked on before and I'm really enjoying it......who knew!!  :D

I haven't touch Spring Queen as of yet, I have decided to work on this so I can have a little happy dance soon as well as working on Toke of my love, since that to is almost complete as well.  Then I'm going to sit down and seriously come up with a rotation plan (ya right) ok I will try.  I do have to get my floss organized I have 15 DMC 156 seriously not organized with that at all.

That's all for now!  Happy stitching and pay a good deed forward time to fill the world with great KARMA!!


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katica said...

excellent progress! Looking forward to your happy dance(s)