Friday, October 12, 2012

do ya think it's time for an update?? I do....

so here it is.  A whole month and here we are in the middle of October.  Summer gone, harvest in, warm soups and stitching stitching and more stitching to be done.

This summer has been one of the best.  I was so busy.  I made a commitment to start eating healthier and well that took me to the farmers market every weekend make everything from scratch with the freshest and the best, and boy was it good.  I finally have a freezer FULL with parsley root not parsnip but good old parsley, and of course the leaves are frozen as well.  I also have a freezer full of Hungarian peppers for stuffed peppers and other dishes..... can you say YUMMY? I sure can!!!

So hubby and I went to Ottawa in September and WOW what a beautiful place.  I was quite worried about if I could keep up with all the walking but now worries it was my hubby who had feet problems and I had to slow down....I'm such a pro!  :D

 Yes we had LOTS of fun!!  A trip we will do again!!

Now on to stitching:

Here is my progress update of Queen of Spring

Then I went all serious and bought a magnifier with lights and a floor stand.......

Then there is the stash purchases .....I 'll save that for another post, don't want to spoil you all at once ;)

Wait until my next post.........  LOL!

Happy stitching and what ever else you do to relax and not sweat the small stuff!!



katica said...

Excellent! You have been busy!! Our freezer has lots of peppers and plums!
Love your pictures from Ottawa!! We wod like to go again too, we had fun even though it was cold when we were there.
Love your stand and light, but best of all I love your progress!! Absolutely beautiful !!

Edie said...

oh I forgot the plums!!

Kaisievic said...

Oh, I love Farmer's markets - such lovely fresh produce. Ottawa looks like fun and great stitching.

Barbi said...

I think that us hungarian's all have the same things piled in our freezers this time of year! We loved Ottawa too when we really is a beautiful city...cold when we went too. We were there in a weekend in december. brrr...but pretty nonetheless. That is a serious stitching spot you have there! I love it!