Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A post of sort....

Well it was a great long weekend, and I'm so excited and pleased as to what I have accomplished this month, and it's not even over yet :-).  At the beginning of May I wrote down what I wanted to get done for this month and I'm so excited that I'm well down the list.  Although I didn't really realize just how much work was in front of me, it's still a great feeling to see that I'm getting things done.

Hubby and I moved, sorted, recycled, garbaged and organized all weekend long!  Yes all weekend and we are thrilled with the results.  So NO I did not do any stitching....well just a bit I think!  I fell asleep in midst of a stitch and the only reason I know that is cause hubby came into the room and as he was taking the needle out of my I woke up.

Now my stitching is organized, my filing is up-to-date, and I don't feel like I'm in cluster fest.  I now have a new stitching and reading place and I'm so so so pleased with it.  I love lots of natural light and that is exactly what I have.  We did the yard work weeding and planning as well.  We don't want to do a lot quite yet but there are some things that must get done.  I also planted two planters and loved how they turned out.  I'm not much of a "green thumb" gal but I do know what I like and that's what I have.  Hubby even put up my swinging baskets so I'm excited for next weekend to continue the flower festivities, if it doesn't rain. LOL!  Once I get everything some what at a point worth sharing I sure will.  I'm so excited about my progress this month that I'm awe struck, hubby didn't quite now what to think when I showed him the list but now he sees and gets it, so I got lots of hugs this weekend =D.

My Dad completely surprised me and I'm so at a loss of words.  It was my birthday on Monday and needless to say my Dad buys cards and flowers so he isn't a numb nut like some fellows that need the woman in their lives to tattoo it on their hands.  But that is as far as it would go.  SO what did he do he organized a dinner and a friend of his helped him with the cooking, but he planned the menu and went shopping.  So I felt very loved and appreciated it was simply amazing.  Thanks Dad!!

Well it is late, and it's very unusual for me to be up late, so I'll now sign off.

Have a wonderful week, and I promise that on the weekend I will have some pictures.



dulcinella said...

Good to hear you got things organized. What a wonderful surprise your dad had! I can fully understand it made you feel very loved .

milly said...


You sound like you had a working weekend!

Happy stitching!

Bea said...

Sounds like a busy weekend even without a lot of stitching. And what a special treat from your dad.

katica said...

I'm so glad your birthday dinner was such a lovely treat! You deserve it!

I'm also a little jealous of all your organizing and decluttering! I've started a little and have one room done, but there still so many to go! I won't even mention my stash!

I'm looking forward to going and seeing your new stitching/reading spot and all your progress from your working weekend! :O)

We need to have tea!