Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a little update

So last week I decided to do a little shopping.  It was a lot of fun, I really just went out for one thing, but did know that what I did buy I was going to anyways in the next few weeks, I just sped up the purchasing.  I made a commitment that I would not buy another stitchy pattern, fabric or any "must haves" in our world until I was done some projects.  Well I have stayed true to my word and I am very proud of myself.  I really had to stop the being overwhelmed feeling and I did.

So this is my next years project, if it takes longer than that to finish that's fine I have committed to the following and not one thing more.  This doesn't mean I will not have little projects in between to break it up just these are my big ones, AND BOY THESE ARE BIG ONES FOR ME!!

Picture didn't turn out all that great so here is the run down.  Mirabilia Spring Queen which I have chosen to stick with the original colours and I'm doing it on 28 ct linen big step out of my comfort zone so I'm growing as a stitcher!  LOL!  Can't see how much I have done thus far so when I have a little more I do a really nice shot to share.

Picture #2

Now this one I have fallen in love with this pattern a long time ago and in fact have owned the pattern for over a year.  Taking pictures with the phone is SO not working.  This one will be done on 32 ct blush linen.  YES I like linen but I'm really concerned of the count but one stitch in time will have it complete in time!

So there is one more but I'm not showing it until it's done.  It's near and dear to me because of my culture.  I had found a pattern that just grabbed me, it's simple black and red thread but the design is truly a lovely one, so I will post this one when done....sorry K LOL.

Lessons:  The last few months have been extremely stressful for me and my husband and we have been holding onto our faith.  I'm a STRONG BELIEVER that GOD provides us with signs, answers our prayers and is just forever present in our lives, you have to believe to see.  Today we BOTH saw just how GOD is present in our lives so now no matter what happens it's all good!  I won't go into any details but just to eliminate any concerns we both have our good health.  

So when you feel that you don't know which way you're going or your running running running and don't seem to be going anywhere STOP and just look around, the answers are there you just can't see them until you are aware of your presents. There is a saying that GOD helps those that help themselves this is not a selfish saying it's one of clarity, when you look after yourself you are able to look after everything and everyone else.  I wish I believed this 4 years ago, but I know now this was one of the lessons I had to learn, along with that you have to give from the heart or just don't give.

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milly said...

Lovely Mirabilia project, I love the Queens.
Happy stitching!

Barbi said...

I can't wait to see what your working on!!! I loved stitching the Mirabilia Queens..I've stitched all 4 seasons. You'll actually be surprised at how quickly they stitch up. As for your project #2...I have these on my to-do list as well! I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them too! Perhaps some time this year I'll stitch up these ones too.

katica said...

great start to your queen! I have all 4 as well, but have only stitched one so far... Winter - 10 years ago... I think it maybe time to pull out the other 3! :O)

I really like those flower lady ones too... I'm looking forward to yours (and Barbi's) progress pictures on them!