Friday, May 11, 2012


I feel like a schmuck!  Here I thought I was going to really doll up my blog, I had some really great ideas and was ready to do it.  Now I see that either its going to take a GREAT DEAL of patience and time or blog is just very limited.  So the winds were a bit knocked out of my sails!

This has be a crazy, busy, stressful couple of weeks, and I'm now convinced that the full moon really does make people a bit coockier then normal!!!  However with all the stuff going on I have been able to do some stitching no happy dance yet but soon.  I even have my eye set on my next project and this weekend I'm going to spend some time at my favourite stitching place (Traditional Stitches - there is a link to website).  Sometimes when I go there it's a quick visit cause I'm still so unsure of that I belong in this world of stitching that its a quick in and out.  Not this time I'm load with questions and ideas and ready for a little material stash shopping.  I have never been able to be comfortable to order stuff on line so I love scanning all the beautiful blogs out there and then going to her armed with "I must haves"

I did start a project on black fabric and OMG is all I can say!  I wish I did this when I was 20 and the eyes were good.  But what I'm working on I think is going to be gorgeous when its finished.

I decided not to enter my stitching into the Stampede.  I filled out the forms and was talking to a wonderful gal that gave me so much info and encouragement to do it.  But at the end I realized that I either don't want to or don't feel like I should display my projects yet.  I don't know if this makes sense but I felt for the first time that I don't want to share.  Which is weird because I'll share on my blog (which not many read anyway) and maybe that's why.

I have been taking lots of pictures lately and laughing because I went from using my blackberry to a camera again and now I have to download, save, crop and all that fun stuff I didn't do with the blackberry.  That was snap, send and save....what I ding bat I am....

Anyways it was 4am here now its 530am and I have to be at work for 6 so off I am.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend !!!


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katica said...

That's too bad about not wanting to enter your stitching into the Stampede, I was so looking forward to going and seeing it there!!!

Have fun at the stitchy store! I really want to go too, but I may wait till the open house in two weeks. And as you know already I have no problem ordering online... my clicky finger seems to be in overdrive lately, except with fabric not patterns! :D