Monday, May 28, 2012

As promised....

So I did do a lot of stitching this weekend and am very proud of the focus that I had.  I do believe more than ever that it is because of my new stitchy/reading spot.

I'm not one that can watch TV and stitch, iron, fold cloths or even do my nails.  TV is for TV watching for me and nothing else....or falling asleep which I do every time I'm in front of the boob tube.

So here is my new spot:

As you can see I have lots of light coming in now and boy does it create a peaceful place, I'm so relaxed here.  My computer has CBC radio playing which incidentally I have come to accept that it is a very strange station with lots of little learnings!!

Now for the progress updates:
My Token of Love:
I sure plugged away on this one since the last time I stitched at the beginning of March and it's still a fave of mine.

Next is the lovely Spring Queen by Nora Corbett.  I'm not keen on the colours for the skirt but it's still an amazing pattern and I'm really enjoying this one as well.

So that is my update as promised.  Now I'm going to put away the stitching until the weekend house duties call and I'm most determine not to let things become a runaway train by procrastinating or neglecting, it's all about balance.

The other thing I noticed is my followers is growing and that is so exciting!!!  Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you for stopping by I'm thrilled to meet you all!!

Be good to one another and please pay a good deed forward!



Jennifer M. said...

Love your stitching spot. It does look peaceful. Your stitching looks great.

Enjoy your week. :)


katica said...

Love your new stitching spot! Looks wonderful!!!!
And your wips are great! You are making great progress on both of them!

dulcinella said...

You're working spot looks great! I think I could get used to stitch in such an environment. And so much light coming in! Your stitching looks beautiful. I'm curious to see new updates.

milly said...


Your stitching spot looks great. I find it impossible to watch TV and sew too.

Your projects are lovely,
Enjoy your day.