Saturday, April 07, 2012

Oh Dear......

it has been a while since I posted!

The month of March is kind of a right off.  I was sick for most of it with the flu that seriously knocked me flat on my back.  I couldn't read, watch TV or stitch!  In fact all I did for 5 days was sleep and pee, didn't even eat cause nothing was going to go down.  Then (and still now) I have a dry cough.  In the city I live the air is dry (very dry) and when you get a dry cough well good luck!  My doctor said with the type of flu I had this cough could stay around for 4 - 6 weeks.  Needless to say I'm on week 3 and have had enough!!!!!!!  Although it is getting better and I'm finally getting my strength back it has been a long process.

Some have been bugging me about getting the flu shot but I have never had it and quiet frankly for me the jury is still out on it.  I know lots of people (including me) who don't get it and are fine and I know people who get it and are sicker then I can imagine, and of course visa versa.  I'm not saying you shouldn't get it, I'm just saying I don't think it's for me.  Lots of bed rest, liquids, cough meds and gargling with salt water really helped.

The thing is to that we are also heading into spring which means allergies and with the winter being so mild yet nothing is drying up and mold is starting to tickle my nose and throat and making me sneeze.  I'm such a whiner!  LOL

So needless to say I have not stitched all month, and I'm looking at my projects yearning to stitch but I'm still not up to snuff!  The thing is that I just realized this morning also that when I get close to finishing a project I'm already looking to start another one thus making it hard to finish what is almost done!!!!  I know -just get it done and move on!  But my interest is at such a high level for the new project now that I want to start that and I'm finding it hard to finish what is really just a few hours of being completed!  UURRGGGHHHH!!

It is Easter weekend!  Yesterday we didn't do anything.  I was going to do the taxes but somehow surfing the net, reading blogs and just reading a book or watching the TV was really more appealing! Oh well we all need a day off of reality.  Today I will finish the taxes (shouldn't take me long) and then I'll get ready for Easter Sunday since my Dad and his companion will be here with us.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and remember to be kind to one another!!!


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