Friday, April 27, 2012

Bogracs - Hungarian Cooking Pot

Well it is that time of the year when yards get cleaned, windows get washed, long chairs come out AND cooking out on BBQ and open fires!  YIPEE!!

I love this time of the year because its like everything is either coming out of hibernation or renewing itself.  It's the time of year when you get the energy from the sun and the longer days to just get things done that have been building up during the long winter.  Here in Canada the winter can get long, cold and it seems like its always dark. :-(  

So last weekend hubby cleaned the yard and I cleaned inside.  We decided to cook outside and that is when I informed him that all cooking outside is his duty and he took the challenge and OMG he did a great job!!

So he made one dish that all all Hungarians make on the open fire and that is gulyas leves (soup) and it turned out AWESOME!  The only problem is that I couldn't eat it.  You are asking yourselves why aren't you.  WELL, I kind of goofed when I gave him the paprika I didn't pay attention so as this was cooking the smell was awesome then it was time to taste test and that's when I noticed what I did wrong......I gave my the eros (hot) paprika!  OMG that was hot!  No problem him and my dad ate 3 bowls!!!!  Yes 3.  You have to understand my dad is 83 years old and doesn't eat as much as he use to so I was amazed.  He even took some home with him.

What an AMAZING day that was!  Hell the whole weekend was AMAZING!!

Be kind to one another and remember to ALWAYS pay it forward!!!



Barbi said...

AAHHHH Bogracs!! I love our Hungarian men and their outdoor skills! Next time you will enjoy too. I want to make lecso in the bogracs this year!!

Edie said...
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Edie said...
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