Monday, March 05, 2012

Starting a new.....

project!  YIPEE!

So I bought a few table cloths in Hungary a 3 years ago so I can stitch up and put on the table.  I and have been deathly afraid of starting it since non the instructions are in English, however my awesome hubby sat down and painstakingly went over all the instructions and I wrote them down in English.  Anyways I really love this little patter and I can hardly wait until its done.  It's not big 35 X 35 which I'm starting to see is the standard size in Europe.  Which means for me that I'm on the right track of going through my downsizing plan.

Anyways here a picture of both the progress and the pattern it self.  This is going to look soooooo pretty when it's done.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!



katica said...

awesome progress, and what a very pretty table cloth!!! I love it! its going to look so nice on your table when its done!!!

Barbi said...

Oh it's so pretty!!

milly said...


Just come across your blog.

Your stitching is looking lovely, it will be a beautiful cloth when finished.