Friday, February 17, 2012

Thoughts and more thoughts

This week has been a very emotional week!  It has brought old feelings and sadness of what was and what is.

I realize that friends come and go but it's devastating when friends go for the wrong reasons (being mislead by others)!  What is devastating is that it's death that makes all things final!  There are no hugs to be had, apologies to be said or even the conversations to clarify the stupid misunderstandings.

So Feb 13 was my Mom's birthday and someone who was once very special to our family has past away after 6 years of battling cancer.   My mom loved her like she was her own daughter.  They always had Sunday dinners together and chatted about 50 times a day. Unfortunately when things started to go wrong for her she believed that my parents were against her (thanks to a master manipulator and trouble maker).

We found out 6 years ago that she was diagnosed with cancer and we were devastated because we all loved her and knew what was coming, but still no one could make the move to fix what was broken.

3 1/2 years ago my mom passed away and when I saw that they were at the service I was praying that somehow things can be fixed (very naive I know), boy when she held a grudge she held it well.  Now she passed away on Feb 14, 2012 and this story has truly ended, with a heavy heart.  She made me laugh and we had great phone chats that would last for hours, we enjoyed tea and the debates over coffee, Sunday dinners and all other stuff.

RIP Edith!  I know that Anyu is there with you and all is well now!  I will always remember the laughs we shared.  I pray for Jozsi and the kids for they now have a very hard journey ahead of them even though they were able to prepare you still can never get past the loss of a Mother a Wife and a Friend which you were very successful at being for all of them!


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lots of hugs and love coming your way!