Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quicky progress report

This week has been going by so quickly and quit frankly when I get home I'm so bagged that it takes an effort to close my eyes for a nap......but I do get there and have one!! LOL

I have signed up for the IHSW this weekend and am so looking forward to it, however, I do have to not freeze to death in this fridget weather we are having and of course no napping cause what I have to do on the weekends now has to be done during this week!  No worries I'm crazy lady and will get it done cause I want to stitch and stitch and stitch!  From you experienced stitchers do you have any suggestion on how to prevent "Numb Bum"?

So I haven't done alot of stithching since my "ripit" night and only because of the above reason sleeping was in order.  I started a new job and that is why I'm so bagged, but I'm getting somewhat of a momentum there so all will be well soon.

Here is the progress on my "Plant Kindness", I'm actually enjoying this one (not when I have to ripit though).

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for stopping by.

Happy stitching!!


katica said...

lovely progress! I'm looking forward to the weekend as well, and am planning on stitching lots too! (especially at your place!)

Numb bum syndrome... really the only thing is to stand up every so often - get a drink, take a small break, get a snack or something to that effect. but you could just need a more comfortable stitching chair...

Joysze said...

Numb bum... ROFL!!!! Ermm... I take a break every couple of hours to walk around and do stuff. So far so good....

Happy Hermitting!