Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011

The last day of the year!!!

The last few days I have been reading so so many blogs which have inspired me, confused me, intimidated me, and given me truly "AHA" moments!

So what have I learned from all these blogs?  Well what I have learned is that there is truly a crazy amount of stitchers out there and that they truly love their craft and sharing it.  I can't believe the amount of "challenges" there are for 2012 seriously are we going to get of the chair?  Is there enough thread and needles out there to be used by all?  We should plan a cruise we would fill a ship!!!  I'm amazed and in AWE to all.  So where does this lead to?  Earlier I posted about a "bucket list".  I have been racking my brain what to do.  Then again I had another "AHA" moment.

Last year at Christmas I was talking to my priest (yes I'm Roman Catholic) about how I'm feeling.  The last few years I was going through what I call "Life's crappy moments".  My Mom was sick and had just passed away, I had my miscarriage, both my husband and I were laid off when the economy dived straight into hell (thank GOD I'm Canadian and we have Stephen Harper for PM) and of course we had family drama.  No matter what I did I could not get a smile on my face that would light up my eyes and heart.  I was so PISSED OFF ALL OF THE TIME, SERIOUSLY I was.

Anyways getting to the point.  He said that I need to take a step back and not do anything (NOTHING, NADA, SEMI) and start over.  I thought at first he was crazy, how do I stop everything I do and am involved with?  So that is exactly what I did.  Yes, I hardly worked, absolute NO volunteering, no big commitment to family or friends.  In fact I didn't even talk to my friends or socialized.  Just said hello and moved forward.  He also told me that the time will come and to listen to my heart and follow it.  For when you do from the heart (truly from the heart) then you will have energy, and that smile that comes from the heart will reflect in my eyes.

So the below bucket list, is all about ME!   Look closely cause even though it's about ME it's also about YOU!  My priest also reminded me that GOD helps those that helps themselves for only then can you truly help others.

My bucket list:

  1. I'm going to read 6 books, only six you say?  YES 6!  I 'll be thrilled if I can keep my eyes open after the first 2 pages since I always start to inspect my eyelids for holes and realize that it is dark and there are no holes in my eyelids, and that 8 hours have just gone by and I don't remember it!  LOL
  2. Stitching; I WILL have 5 projects completed by December 31, 2012, and I'm also going to start on stitching Christmas ornaments (one every month).
    • In addition to this one I have committed 12 "stitchy dates" to Katica this year.  These are dates that can be for stash shopping or weekend "hermit" stitching, so Barb if you want to join then lets get the calendars out and get together!!!
  3. Cooking, baking just plain homekeeping,  Martha Stewart is a genius and I'm learning so much from her and will continue.
  4. Blog more.
  5. Upgrade my computer skills.  I have no idea where they disappeared to so I must find them! LOL.
  6. Have a blast in my new job starting Jan 3, 2012.
  7. Share to others my Arbonne business.
  8. Last but not least; Love my husband more today then yesterday and even more tomorrow!!!!  
See it really isn't just about ME is it?!

Love you all and have a wonderful, safe and a new year filled with "AHA" moments!!


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Barbi said...

What a GREAT post Edie!!!! And yes!! I will join you and Kati in you 12 stitchy days!