Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 is almost gone!

Well here we are it's December 29, 2011 and now comes the "resolution lists" for 2012!  This in it self over the years has come to look like the dreaded "to do list" and that list always looked like the cup was half empty.   So this year I'm going to do something different I'm going to do a "bucket list".  I think this way it will be more positive and I'll be looking at the glass half FULL instead.  I'm not even going to have in there anything to personal change me; like loose weight and any of those other negative stuff.  It's going to be about what I can do to bring more meaning to my life, pay it forward and make my surroundings more calm and peaceful.

This last year was not a bad one at all.  Considering that I have had some health issues due to  perimenopause it's not been a bad year.  I have learned (and am still learning) that stress is really a killer!!  So the last few months I have been taking small steps to push back and not let it take control of me again. I have been cooking more and loving it, I have FINALLY started with baking and loving that to!  But most of all I have found the love of reading and cross stitching again which has completely been lost the last 5 to 6 years.  Yes a very long time I know!

I can't list my bucket list yet as I'm still working on it.  There is one thing and that was in a gift form were I committed to "12 stitchy dates" for 2012.  This in itself is very exciting for me for a couple of reasons; 1. I get to spend more time with a dear friend, and 2. I will hopefully, actually FINISH some projects and not just do the "stash" buying thing.

So now I am off to do some stitching.  Tomorrow I will have my bucket list and will share.

Until then be kind to one another!!


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