Monday, November 14, 2011

Stitching away.............

I have finally found my MOJO for stitching!
There has been so much on my plate for a very long time and for the last year I have been working really hard to get rid of things that have become burdens. Someone (ok our Priest) told me once that if what you are doing is not coming from the heart you will be frustrated with everything you do and with everyone, how true that was. So I took that to heart and I made a list of things that needed to be changed in my life. I was seriously not the person I once was.
I'm now at a point that I see more positive then negative and I have lots of energy to do things.
All in all I'm joining the ranks of "Domestic Goddest" and I'm loving it. Is everything perfectly organized? NO but Marth Stewart is helping. I "invested" in her Houskeeping Handbook and boy is there a load of amazing information in there. I have been looking to buy that book for years now and when I would go the bookstore (which isn't offen anymore) I would go and spend time with it. That sounded like I had visitation rights LOL. Seriously it was the best buy of the year for me. I even started to bake which was the main goal I wanted to get to.
Anyways, I'm now at a point when I sit to stitch I'm not guilty with a 1000 "must dos" hanging over my head.
Hubby and I have even started to organize my threads. However this is going to be a challenge cause I have not idea how I should organize them. The goal is to save space and be cost effective. I use to put them individually in baggies but that takes up too much room with the rings, and those little plastic thread boxes are great but the I have issues with them as well. So advice and suggestion are greatly welcomed.
Anyways, I'm well on the journey of becoming a happy little housewife that stitches. :-)
Be kind to each other, and remember to Live, Love and Laugh

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