Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Heart through busy hands

So this week I cooked up a storm. Friday I started with Sertesporkult lerokva kruplival sorry didn't take a picture of that, but you can take my word Dad and Hubby loved it! I did save some of the porkolt so I could make nokedli, yes I made them the old fashion way. :o)
Then on Saturday I went crazy and made;
Becsi Szelet
and a Chocolate Bunt Cake
...........also I did do some stitching but don't want to share my progress report yet.....phew what a day!! 
Have a wonderful day and remember to be kind to one another!!!
Live Love Laugh


Barbi said...

YUMMM Edit! Everything looks wonderful! That bundt cake turned out perfectly!
Can't wait to see the stitching.
It's Sunday SAL day!

Edo said...

And Grey Cup Sunday to boot!! Who's playing LOL

katica said...

Vancouver and Winnipeg are playing, that much I know :O)

Everything looks so yummy! that bundt cake especially!

Looking forward to seeing your stitching progress as well! Hurray for SAL sunday!!!