Thursday, October 20, 2011


Where does one start? How does one start?

This is something I have been pondering for the last few weeks and actually doing some reading about. With the economy going crazy in the world, who knows where we are going to be in 5 years. We have so much STUFF! I guess in away we all have become hoarders. Whether it's in neat little piles or scattered all over the house we have all accumulated so much stuff that what are we doing with all of it? Do we even know what we have? Hell in some cases we may have 3 of the same thing but didn't realize it because the other two were buried under something or put away in that "safe place". What a mess!

So my husband and I have been really talking a lot about this. He's from europe and really doesn't get why a 1100sq house is still not enough for my "stuff" when his 800sq apartment in europe was perfect and had everything he needed. Yes granted he was single and now he's not but still do two people really create that much more clutter.

Think about it. We spend more time cleaning the house, maintaining our yards, washing cloths, fixing what needs fixing, and heating the house. What are we doing? This is crazy.

Well that was my rant for tonight. I'm going to figure out what to do and I'll post. Until I will just sit in my clutter......................

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katica said...

I know how you feel, we really need to get on the downsizing wagon as well... way too much stuff!