Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a crazy life of activity

The last 24 hours have been incredible, I can't believe the amount of awesomeness around me.

First I work for a great company as well as having my own business. A few weeks ago I applied for a position as an Admin. at the time I wasn't sure if that is what I wanted to go back and do.

Two years ago I was laid off in the down turn of the economy, and actually I was really happy that it happened. I worked my ass off and still it wasn't enough, even though I was begging for help. Nevertheless that was then and this is now. I made the commitment then that I wouldn't go back. I had a rough couple of years before I was laid off and the last year of working as an Admin my BEAUTIFUL AND BEST FRIEND, MY MOTHER PASSED AWAY! So you seen I was done!!! Seriously. Now fast forward 3 years and here I am.

As I said I wasn't sure I wanted to go back and do that "Admin thing" again so an opportunity arose for me to work at my present place of employment in their call centre and I accepted it. No stress, no demands, no working late. It was part time and when my shift started I was on, when it ended I went home. However, the part time hours became more like full time and I think now that I look back it was GOD's way of conditioning me to get back to work.

What made me decide to jump? I applied for a position thinking that this will be a test run for interviewing again, as some interviews can be tough. I wanted to prepare myself and become confident about putting my wants and needs on the table as well as hearing their needs for the position. I'm more looking for a great match! Just like a marriage!! WELL let me tell you I got the job and have an awesome marriage! Yesterday I was informed that I will be starting on Monday. YIPPEEEE!! Am I excited? You betcha! Am I nervous? to the point that I'm having the nervous pee thing happening! But it's all good!!

This week Oprah took her final walk on the stage and I watched every second of it. Some time ago she said the reason she knows she is a success is because she is doing what she is passionate about, and that what ever you do, do your best because that is what will be remembered, that will be YOUR legacy. She's right! and that is exactly what I'm doing and the results is great things are happening in my life right now! I now am more a believer than ever in positive thinking!!

With starting my business, like I mentioned in my last blog this is a passion and those that know me know that I'm the last person to sell anything. I believe if you don't need it the save it, so I'm not selling anything but I am sharing with everyone the excitement these products bring me. I believe in it and I'm passionate about, and because of this I'm having the time of my life meeting new friends and getting reacquainted with old friends.

Now that I have this chance to get back on the saddle of being an Admin (another passion). I am so looking forward to the many many many things I must learn new and old, and this journey of being on the "Yellow Brick Road". What an adventure!

Live Love Laugh!!

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