Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time is flying by........

I just realized when my last post was and can't believe that it went by so fast.

I have been so busy, good busy! I'm taking advantage of new opportunities and meeting new wonderful people, and I'm having a blast!!

I finally started to purge and get rid of stuff and what a great feeling, I have taken 3 big garbage bags of cloths and shoes that I haven't touched in years to the Women In Need centre. It's amazing just how open the closet it!!

I have also been getting rid of a lot of stitchy stuff, crochet and knitting stuff okay they are more like magazines that I'm getting rid of. I can't believe what a magazine junky I am holy crap!! Nevertheless those are being tossed as well. Some of the hardware for both are also going to places where people can use them.

I started my own business as well!! Yes I finally took the plunge, and boy am I learning a lot. I have become an Independent Consultant for Arbonne. I fell in love their product back in January and so I decided since I use it and love it why not share it.

Life is very busy but finally it's a good busy. I always knew that when you do something from the heart and with passion then there is always lots of energy to do everything. I'm glad I'm in place now that everything is some much brighter, what a dark and empty place I was the past few years.

"Live Love and Laugh" now means so much more to me, it's like I finally woke up and am living the true meaning of this phrase.


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