Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Dance Update!!

So here it is the picture I was suppose to post months ago. I finally can say that I have happy dance. I did this for my Dads 82 birthday last year and he was absolutely pleased with it and that now he also has something that I made. The only other person I actually made something for was my Mom and before she finished unwrapping her present 5 years ago she had already hung it up on the wall (she moved fast when she wanted to :-)). Since then there has been an empty spot on the other side which my Dad has always made the conscious effort to remind me that "it needs something, but I doesn't know what.....what do you think Edith" he is a smart ass sometimes......Love him lots!!

The last few weeks I have been helping my Dad out a lot, family drama always seems to play out just like I know it's going to, I just have to give it time to prove me right! Nevertheless I have been hanging out with him and today I really needed to treat myself. I have been such a good girl with watching what I eat and I joined the Calgary Hearld Health Challenge on the weekend I thought why not, so I did, hope you like the picture :-) I sure enjoyed every single nibble, and no that isn't pop I did have's all about balance!!


Barbi said...

Gorgeous finish!!! and OMG that looks GOOD!!!!

katica said...

Beautiful finish! Its lovely!!! You did an awesome job on it. but I have to disagree, you mom and dad are not the only people you have stitched for!

I happen to have a very lovely bookmark that you stitched for me sitting next to my bed...

ohhhh pete's, I wish I was with you! I haven't had pete's in so long! Just may need to make a pit stop this weekend!