Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Starting to feel it......

I'm starting to feel the burn in my muscles it has been a very very very long time since I felt that, and it actually feels good.

I'm experimenting with new types of foods and realizing that portion control is paramount! That is where I went completely wrong along with way to much junk food (which I have completely stopped). WE have become so accustomed to that hole "supersize" in this country that I forgot that when you eat smaller portions you actually enjoy the food longer.....I know doesn't make sense but it does when you think about it. I use to feel sleepy and uncomfortable after a big meal now I feel energized.

The exercise is tough I'll admit that. I haven't moved very much in the last few years and some of my muscles are aching (okay all of them are screaming) but hell that's what it's all about!

Off I go to make my smoothie for breakfast and then to work.

Have a wonderful day!!

Affirmation of the day: PERFECT HEALTH IS MY DIVINE RIGHT, AND I CLAIM IT NOW. by Louise L. Hay

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