Sunday, November 07, 2010

Mixed weekend

This weekend was an emotional mix of shear happiness and then absolute sadness. These both really can exhaust a person.

I'll start with the "shear happiness". My dad turned 82years old on November 4, so I had the family over on the 5 for dinner. I cooked soup, cabbage, pot roast, roasted potatoes and a lemon pie. We had a lot of fun and my dad loved the cross stitch gift I finally finished and had framed for him. He said he was going to hang it right next to the one I made for my Mom.

The "absolute sadness". November 6 was the day the angels came to take Mom home. It has been 2 years that she passed away. I love you Anyu and miss you!

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katica said...

(((((hugs))))))) and many more hugs! Glad you could have such a lovely birthday celebration with your dad and family! Which piece did you do for him?

Your mom was a wonderful lady and she raised a wonderful daughter (you) who I am glad to call my friend. I know its hard, though as time goes by it does get a little easier. You never stop missing them, you just learn to deal with it better. They will always be in our hearts and never far from from our minds.
love you