Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moving forward

So last week I met with one of the gals that will be my personal trainer. She actually made me sign a contract to what my goals are and that I WILL achieve them. At first I seriously thought "You got to be kidding" and yes I also thought what a joke, who buys into that? Well the answer is I think I did.

For some strange reason I feel like this is it, I'm now accountable for what I do next. It's all about me fulfilling this contract WITH MYSELF!
I have been sugar free for 7 days and I have drastically reduced my startch intake. I have cut back the coffee to one small "european" size regular or decaf coffee (small cup with small spoon) with honey, yes honey it's actually not bad and no cream but a drop of skim milk, and increased my water......yes I make lots of trips to the bathroom.

I started to make menus for the week and off I went to Costco and couldn't believe just how much cheaper the fruits and veggies are there. You should see my fridge. I think my husband thought I went nuts, and since he is such a supporter of me achieving my goals I though I would try and convince him to at least try some of the stuff I'll be eating and drinking. So off I went and made us some smoothies and he really enjoyed it.

You have to understand that Sweetie is from eastern europe where you don't drink smoothies for breakfast in fact you just don't drink smoothies, eat rolled oats with flax seed and all that other stuff. Pubs are found almost at every corner where he is from and beverages of choice are not smoothies they just don't go along with delicious smoked fatty foods, pork, sausage, rich pastries and breads. The food in our culture has a balance of good and bad and you can find veggies cooked in virtually every dish , the fruits are usually found in pastries or palinka and everything is either cooked or baked in lard, yes I did write lard.

Anyways I do have my challenges laid out infront of me but like everything its one step at a time.

I am grateful to be alive today. It is my joy and preasure to live another wonderful day. by Louise L. Hay

Live Love Laugh

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