Monday, October 04, 2010

Logging the miles......

I bought a rowing machine 2 years ago, its the same one the Olympic rowers use for training. I haven't really touched in the 2 years of buying it and finally I started last week!!! I remembered why in the world I went and bought a machine with games, heart rate monitor, data logging and it's own community support website for achievements. It's because I actually love to row!!

5 years ago I was into running and I really enjoyed it! I did 5K's, 10K', half marathons and a full marathon, I cycled, swam, rowed on Glenmore and played tennis. Then my world changed! I took on more responsibilities and ran myself into the ground like most folks did the last few "booming" years! Since then I have gained almost 80 pounds! Yes I am putting this out there for ALL to see! I can't sleep, my feet hurt all the time and I can't even walk up the stairs without sitting for at least 15 min for recovery!! I'm at the Doctors a lot because this hurts and that. I remember only going to the Dr. once a year for a yearly physical and that was the end of my Doctor visits. I'm cranky, don't see the positive side of anything. ARE YOU EXHAUSTED READING THIS SHIT??? Well I'm exhausted in feeling this way!!

SO, my last post I wrote that I'm going to the gym and indeed I did for a whooping 10 mins because it hurt like hell, BUT, I didn't stop there I have been getting to know my rowing machine and LOVE IT!! Also we brought my dad's Wii game and what a hoot, I'm playing tennis again! STOP LAUGHING! I know its not the really thing but holy moly man you still have to move and that's the point.

They say to keep a journal and you will see your achievements! Its just like any needle craft one stitch at a time and then you will see results. So I'm going to blog about it for all to see my achievements and my "oops I tripped and have to start again". So either encourage me or stay off the comment side I don't need negative Nelly's leaving comments!

This is a perfect time the Biggest Loser started again and I figure that since Jillian and Bob can't slap me around into reality I'll live the process through the contestants wishing them all the best like they would be wishing me.

Please don't misunderstand me I have no intention of focusing on weight loss! My attention is strictly focusing on a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally, thus the rest will follow.

Live Love Laugh

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Barbi said...

Way to go!!!! I'm right there with ya!