Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy Moly what a weekend......

What a great weekend Honey bunny was home for 4 days YIPEEE!!

This was busy weekend for us. My future Mother-inlaw is here visiting and of course has never experienced a Stamplede Breakfast and incidentally neither has Honey Bunny so off we went to the Chinook Breakfast, we ate pancakes (Flapjacks) of course mine had chocolate and blueberries and SWEET syrup YUM YUM!!! and of course a stampede breakfast just wouldn't be a breakfast without the grease sausage.

We bought her a Cowboy hat as well don't you thing she looks devine in it? She was also suprised as to how big our firetrucks are so had to get a picture of that as well.
I just love pictures of Mom's and their childern no matter what the ages are it's just so precious....don't you think?

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katica said...

What great pictures! I haven't been to a Stampede breakfast (other than the one at work) in ages! We just may have to plan on going next year!

looks like you had a great time!