Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I thought I was free..............................NOT

It's June 30 and not a sneeze in the last 2 months and Oh How I Loved Thee for That!!! UNTIL TODAY! I hate having allergies and I hate everyone and there "oh you should take this" or "oh you should try eating more of this" REALLY JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN TISSUE!!! My pour head is feeling it was hit by a MAC truck, my nose is so full of snot and my ears are popping so please don't tell me what I should be doing when I can barely swallow water between sneezing.

AND if that wasn't enough.....the one day I'm trying to have a nap before going to work the PHONE decides to ring off the hook with annoying people on the other end selling me crap I didn't ask them to call be about in the first place....who cares that I won $100 of free gas from stupid place I can't even pronounce and that stupid Captain on the ship that blows its horn in your ears what is up with that.....seriously.

Okay I'm done my ranting and I feel better now off to work to deal with people on the phone........not a word for you KS :P

Now where is the damn kleenex............damn dog, why does he like eating kleenex, I don't get it?

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