Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is absolutely gorgeous outside.

I'm so ready for spring and summer that I can hardly stand it. But it still is March, and only "true" Albertans know what that means........yes snow is still hanging around somewhere ready to make an appearance like an uninvited guest to a party!!!!

I finally have most of the move done with emptying boxes and finding spots for everything ....boy I have collected a large amount of, how should I put this nicely, oh yes CRAP! So now I'm heading to good will to off load a bunch of doubles..... yes doubles. I throw into the garbage stuff I wouldn't keep but stuff that I would but already have is off to someone who can use it.

It's amazing when MOM died in 2008 you couldn't find an organization that would take any cloths that still had the tags on them, now you can find them on every corner, just shows just how fast our economy did change around here.

Any whooo as I would say "My last confession" aka blog was sometime ago the only thing really to report is that I have never been so happy and relaxed. It seems that the negative buttons are not so easily pushed an more a sure sign that I'm finding a really good balance in life. WHOOHOOO!!!

I'll upload some pictures soon......I have to find the cable that connects the computer to my camera and then I will share......yes K I do have a digital as well but I LOVE my film camera more, it's like life .......not perfect!!!!!!


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