Thursday, December 31, 2009

GOOD BYE 2009 HELLO 20010

My happy dance is that I made it through the toughest year of my life!

Its the first year without my Mom and it has been tough! Figuring out how to live your life without those that your heart is full of love for is the PITS! Its a lesson in life that truly tests you, and challenges you to the depth of your being! With other experiences that occured this year the last and final blow to my already delicate ego and self esteem was being layed off from work and so was Honey.....double WHAMMY!!!

BUT although 2009 has been .....shall we say the "SHITS" (I say it like I feel it). It is ending on a great note, moved in with Honey and I passed all my exams with great marks, dog is healthy and crazy then ever, and the most important one is that my dear Honey and wonderful friends that stood by me. Even though I was CRAZY in pain (spiritually) they didn't disappear they where right there in my face reminding me that they are and will be there........... SO YES THERE IS A POSITIVE FOR EVERY NEGATIVE..............

For 2010 I'm not making any resolutions. As one friend says "JUST GO WITH THE FLOW" and of course I need to really practice the most important quote I love......LIVE LOVE LAUGH!!!!



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katica said...

I'm glad you came through all of this with flying colours, you are a strong and beautiful lady - inside and out, and I'm happy and proud to call you my friend.

May 2010 only be the beginning of all the love and happiness that you deserve

love ya!