Tuesday, October 27, 2009

He doesn't stop.............seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Napoleon always amazes me. He is on a mission to show me that he can do anything and can't be stopped (by me anyways). I'm in the living room studying, it's quite, peaceful, all you want for an environment to be when preparing for an exam. Then all of a sudden crash, boom, bang and off he runs in front of me in full throttle with this bun in his mouth!!!! I have no idea how he got it, seriously. The bag of buns is on the counter he is to small to jump that high to get it ..............but some how he did...... This little "FREAK" is teaching me all sorts of lessons, I just wish he would pick up some of the lessons I'm wanting to teach him.......it just so one sided!!! :(

Then of course after a big bun one needs to have a nap. He has no shame.............seriously cover up!!!!

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