Friday, October 02, 2009

Have you ever notice that when the Labour Day weekend ends so does Summer!!!! It's literally the next day it's colder and darker and what about that wind!

Fall is a beautiful time of the year however I much prefer Spring, that is my favorite season. To me Fall is the end...end of beautiful colourful flowers, birds chirping, kids playing outside. Although here where I live people will still be in their shorts and flip flops well into the first snow fall, and we just had a reminder as to how -5 feels (crap I'm to old for this), and their still wearing summer gear, I commonly refer to these folks as "Nut Cases" who always seem to be the ones that say "I don't know why I have a cold"....well DA, like put on some socks, you Nut Bar!

I just finished my nice HOT TEA and now ready to go to the Farmers Market for the harvest..... Now that spring and summer are gone so are the short lived peppers, tomatoes and eggplants, but with Fall its time for Butternut Squash soup, Tuk Fuzelek (don't know this one in English) soups and stews..............UMMEEEE!!

talk to you later

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katica said...

as much as I love the fall, I'll pass on the tok fozelek... I'll make it just won't eat it!

I do love rantott tok... so go figure!

Glad to see you posting! I'm looking forward to the next installment with hopefully a stitching update too!