Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just a few more pics of our trip....

On the Danube for a second time but during the day... I love being on the water!!

Balaton:  If you go to Hungary you HAVE make a trip to Balaton with all it's beauty and OMG the Langos stuffed with ham and cheese and a nice gold beer to wash it down!!  :D

 Yes that would be me and my mother-in-law with the "mother load" of shoe shopping!!  LOL!!

Old school buddies! Man every time I go I meet more people that truly become amazing friends!  My life is so much more richer with them in it!

Yes I have many many and many more pics but I can't decide which to share, so I hope you like what you've seen so far.  Who knows there may be more to come!  LOL!!

GOD bless and thanks for stopping by... I must go colour now!  LOL!!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

To blog or not to blog....

Yes again I'm debating this and I think I will until I've decided not to share!  In the mean time if you're going to read my blog please except the fact that you will be seeing this "dilemma" always being put out there!  :)

It's been a long long while since I posted even though my intention was to be organize and post more frequently that good intention just didn't work out, as you can tell, and just like the resolutions we all make on new years eve!  Anyways I have been busy and I have stuck to having soup every week so I guess not all is lost with my "resolutions".

So where to start?  I guess I'll start with the big events!  Well fist off my hubby lost his job in April because of the drop of oil so the company downsized, which was not a surprise to us and in many ways I'm glad only because he's been travelling so much the last 6 years that truly that's not a life.  However, it is hard for him but it is what it is.  Since we were already planning our trip to Hungary for May I convinced him that he should go early and spend some time with his mom which was a surprise to her because we didn't tell her that he was coming, so there he showed up at her doorstep!  :)

A month after he left it was my turn to travel to meet up with him.  So here is the thing, I turned 50 this year!!  YUP 50 and as always I knew how I wanted to spend my birthday...in Hungary!  Some have big parties but I'm not that way I'm pretty low key and I knew that I would be celebrating my birthday there and that I did!!  When I arrived hubby went all out and bought flowers and lots of them!  He had a bouquet for every room.  I told him before he left that I want to do something really special to celebrate my birthday but also to celebrate us!  It has always been so important to me to experience the Danube and since there are some many tours and events on the Danube hubby was able to book a dinner cruise, and boy talk about breath taking, speechless, in AWE of all of Budapest's beauty and sheer glory I'm (We) are completely in heaven of the memory we created for ourselves!!

Then OMG I've always wanted to see Andre Rieu and every time he came to town some one would spit in my pea soup and I couldn't go!!  BUT NOT THIS TIME!  We have a friend that was in Hungary in the fall and I asked if he'd help me get tickets and OMG he did and I was close enough I could SMELL that wonderful violinist!!!!  :)  During one of the pieces they played there's a place where one of the orchestra member whistles and well I joined her and found myself on the jumbotron.  LOL!!

Then off we went to Csiksolymo.  This is a place in Erdely (Romania) were thousands and thousands of people come around the world for pentecostal mass.  It's a very special place with deep history, and since hubby is from a town just over 5km away we were there.  I'm a true believer that GOD always shows us the way and he did for when I met my husband I had know idea where he was from in fact we didn't talk to each other (long story) but we were always attracted to each other.  My mom always mentioned that I need to make this journey and experience Csiksolymo.  When hubby and I first started to see each other that is when I found out where his is from.  See GOD works in ways that are good for you!

I think that should be it for now, I will post some more in the next few days!  I have LOTS!!!

Be kind to one another!!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines day

Well it's valentine's day and for the first time in my life everywhere I went in the last 24 hours I heard people wishing each other Happy Valentine's Day, how amazing is that?!

Yesterday was a very stressful day for me but being it on what would have been my Mom's 78th birthday kinda of made me feel that no matter what the out come of yesterday I'll be ok.  I met a lady yesterday and we chatted and shared as to why we were where we were, it's truly amazing how as women we really do know how to reach out and comfort each other even though at that moment we are the ones that need comfort.  We were both there for the same reason but I know as she does that what ever lies ahead we have made a friend that made a big difference in that very moment we felt alone.  Life is way to precious and there truly are more good people then bad and our media folks need to start sharing more of that and not giving so much of the "stage or lighting" to those messed up folks that want to jade everything black.

On to something more up lifting.  I'm completely hooked on the Divergent trilogy I can not tell you at this very moment how many times I've watch Divergent!  I've read the book and as soon as I finished I ran off to watch the movie... crazy you say, well may be and may be not DON'T JUDGE I'm sure you're nuts about something as well!!!  ;)  I'll start reading Insurgent soon.

Hubby and I went to watch Mordecai and OMG it was funny!!  I laughed so hard that I seriously was concerned I'd pee my pants in the theatre!!  If you like the silly Pink Panther movies I think you'll like this one as well it truly is a silly film.

What a beautiful day so instead of staying in front of the computer I will sign off to enjoy the rest of the day!!

Be kind to one another!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Here we go...

...again!!  SO, I have my polar loop and heart rate monitor all synced on both my iPhone and computer, I have my MapMyWalk app loaded on my iPhone as well, just so I can ensure that when I don't have my polar loop on then I'm still measuring my activity, do you think I've become obsessed?  :)    
This is my rowing machine which is also getting a bit of a workout.  I bought this about 7 1/2 years ago and at the time I was so into it that I actually took up rowing at the local rowing club, HMMM so long ago, but after my mom passed away I lost all interest (in a lot of stuff).  At the beginning I would be on it for 45min to an hour with no issues, listening to my music and hitting my goals... guess how long I last on it now... 5 min, yes I have lots of work a head of me.  Oh well got a start somewhere!

As I mentioned in my earlier post I'm not big on "new year's resolutions" but I did set some "monthly" goals to accomplish in hopes of bringing more balance and a few more healthier choices into my life to live a more healthy life, and I even have my little note book to help guide me along the way.
So all in all it's been a pretty productive January where I've accomplished this month's goals for my health choices.  ***Insert music and do the happy dance!! ***

Be kind to one another and have an amazing day!!